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YELLOW I love yellow stamp by violetsteel Enjoy this amasing Deviants Smile by dai-yan


Yellow is the color evoked by light that stimulates both the L and M (long- and medium-wavelength) cone cells of the retina about equally, but does not significantly stimulate the S (short-wavelength) cone cells; that is, light with much red and green but not very much blue.

Yellow by Oscarmeyer :thumb64949778: yellow by johnberd
yellow bricked road by tearsoft Yellow by Valimar yellow by happyfanie Yellow... by Argocat8
:thumb51681620: - Yellow - by lunatis yellow. by hclemon Yellow by Mag4li

Light with a wavelength of 570–580 nm is yellow, as is light with a suitable mixture of somewhat longer and shorter wavelengths. Yellow's traditional RYB complementary color is purple, violet or indigo. Yellow's colorimetrically defined complementary color in both RGB and CMYK color spaces is blue.

:thumb17215151: I'm Yellow by andaria - Yellow - by Grettchen86 yellow by savvikos
Yellow by Scarlet-Lady Yellow by yuorme .yellow emo by bizarrismo The Plentiful Yellow by AmberSunset
Yellow Feelings by PhilipMatthews Yellow by pyro303 Yellow by cekay1 Yellow by Googes
Yellow Trumpet by Trashy-Trashcan :thumb64568188: Yellow Egg Lines by Laufoo yellow. by birdie94

Name of Color / Hex Triplet

Amber / #FFBF00

Chartreuse (traditional) / #DFFF00

Electric lime / #CCFF00

Gold (web) (Golden) / #FFD700

Golden yellow / #FFDF00

Green-yellow / #ADFF2F

Lemon / #FDE910

Lime (color wheel) / #BFFF00

Saffron / #F4C430

School bus yellow / # FFD800

Selective yellow / #FFBA00

Tangerine yellow / #FFCC00

Yellow (RYB) / #FFE000

Yellow / #FFFF00

Kite by hooo :thumb85564013: :thumb78804780: Yellow by VictorAZZuRo

Process yellow (also known as pigment yellow, printer's yellow or canary yellow) is one of the three colors typically used as subtractive primary colors, along with magenta and cyan. The CMYK system for color printing is based on using four inks, one of which is a yellow color.

Gelbe Fahrraeder,Yellow Bikes by quizzer Golden by Raingarden out of curiosity by I-Bear wait a minute... by thenata
:thumb53414205: Hm... by rafinerija :thumb62972420: Gelb Schlange by TinyMotorCars
Pride by Cooperama yellowHeart_by dessidess by dessidess advocaat by KiwisaftDEsign :thumb73674757:

This is in itself a standard color, and a fairly narrow range of yellow inks or pigments are used. Process yellow is based on a colorant that reflects the preponderance of red and green light, and absorbs most blue light, as in the reflectance spectra shown in the figure on the lower right.

limits 03 by virtud yellow by iamkatia yellow alien parking lot IV by jark yellow by an0th3r
music by daHecht :thumb62171351: The Lemon Lady by Pixelnase wagon by daHecht
Yellow brick road vehicles by pippa-hynelin Gelbe Banane die gelb ist by plexx yellow house by namelessatwa

Because of the characteristics of paint pigments and use of different color wheels, painters traditionally regard the complement of yellow as the color indigo or blue-violet.

limits 08 by virtud :thumb84513824: :thumb84527964: :thumb84672008:
:thumb23762751: bullring by alanc79 Pavilhao de Portugal by MagDarq
:thumb44329127: :thumb58460202: :thumb62457836: Golden Dawn by pepperminx

Process yellow is not an RGB color, and there is no fixed conversion from CMYK primaries to RGB. Different formulations are used for printer's ink, so there can be variations in the printed color that is pure yellow ink.

yellow cab by schnubbidubi mc donald's by schnubbidubi rubber boot by schnubbidubi yellow umbrella by DemonioHorrible
:thumb73771607: Feeling... Pink and Yellow by Raspberry-Tea restricted area by KiwisaftDEsign Yellow by maiko-chan
:thumb68757228: Alive by Moepling HDR - house by egorka84 yellow... by bitstarr

Hope and Happiness: Yellow is sunshine. It is a warm color that, like red, has conflicting symbolism. On the one hand it denotes happiness and joy but on the other hand yellow is the color of cowardice and deceit.

A Warm Place by daHecht TeaFreak by mkay-designs Cool warm light effect by Tabascofanatikerin Gelb Auf Gelb by TheMetronomad
Lisboa IX by FadingObscurity Grunge Texture Yellow by f-i-l-p :thumb91548876: Yellow Person by bibliofila
mandal by amenitamuscaria falling in love by virtud history and the crow by virtud The House of Horror by nikmun

Nature of Yellow: Yellow is one of the warm colors. Because of the high visibility of bright yellow, it is often used for hazard signs and some emergency vehicles. Yellow is cheerful.

I will never let you fall by littlekelebek Renk Cumbusu by ahsaena dore II by verderveremem Una piccola poesia by LonelyGrace
:thumb87953628: Sea King by MfCat ISTE GIDIYORUM KAZIM KOYUNCU by ictenbey Brush II by ilkesevinsel
:thumb89066013: t-shirt e design by emirdiner :thumb91180421: turuncu by moriante

Culture of Yellow: For years yellow ribbons were worn as a sign of hope as women waited from their men to come marching home from war. Today, they are still used to welcome home loved ones. Its use for hazard signs creates an association between yellow and danger, although not quite as dangerous as red.

If someone is yellow it means they are a coward so yellow can have a negative meaning in some cultures.
Yellow is for mourning in Egypt and actors of the Middle Ages wore yellow to signify the dead. Yet yellow has also represented courage (Japan), merchants (India), and peace.

my baby1 by hakbayd m ve e by Hippoduppo :thumb90715328: altuni by nightling
Fork in da Juice by vermepodre

Mature Content

Ode to pleasure by lucianoW
Gloria Dei by micahgoulart Touch the shadows by rafaelalves
amarelo-moto by m-ww Atividade com Relogio 3 by mich3lang3lo The Sun by pantunes Yellow Smile by ManoelCarlos

Using Yellow: Although it can work as the primary color, yellow often works best as a companion to other colors. Use bright yellow to create excitement when red or orange may be too strong or too dark. Yellow can be perky.

oh.Yellow car by pressokforextrahelp odeio-te amarelo by dontshiver Sitting III by puppetonastring Sun Is the King by LADESIGNER
think different by RuKkA o meu pequeno devaneio by zapping

Mature Content

Amarelo e Azul by DZNho
o amarelo da carris... by aa06
espero by cluracan reflexos by joaopedroborba yellow by joaopedroborba from the bottom by ricardoforna

Using Yellow with Other Colors: Use yellow to perk up a more subdued cool palette of blues and grays. Use lemon yellow with orange to carry out a healthy, summery, citrus theme. Very pale yellows can work as neutrals alongside darker or richer colors. Yellow and blue are a high contrast, eye-popping combination. Mix yellow with neutral gray and a dash of black for a high-tech look.

Amarelo. by Lanixitah My car... lol by palinho Amarelo e Azul by lmoura :thumb49367025:
Blank Smile - Face em branco by angeloserravalle :thumb53094325: :thumb53781212: Good Bless Brazil by SapioAsexual
Eletric Bus II by mds4 Esquematar by Takouviski .:CRISTAL BEARERS:.Light Night by Deneth Lapis by marciolcastro

Try a hot, exciting mix of red and yellow.
For an earthy palette, especially for fall, mix yellow, olive green, and brown. While yellows and bright or light greens can be part of a natural, fruity color palette, be careful not to use colors too close in value or they will appear washed out.

:thumb60300902: Yellow monster by weedx Negra 6 - Test by brunnovilela
:thumb63710386: Aveiro by AranhaNoTecto :thumb65718137: Soulless Guardian by peterzz
:thumb66900246: umas escadas saturadas by halix1000 travessia by ampyka Happy Haloween_2007_by JZ by Lonely-X

Yellow Color… These color palettes feature shades of yellow mixing it up with reds, blues, greens, browns, and other neutrals for earthy, sophisticated, and psychedelic looks.

Lapicero by leodomingos Estrada de tijolos amarelos by Killingpopcorn Dorothy's Summer by andorinha
:thumb70864678: :thumb71358024: Madeira River by felipusco Duas metades sobre amarelo by Meugnin
:thumb72362696: :thumb72361694: yelloooowwww by xluis buracos by gigante
Crazy by tiagocastro :thumb74748958: :thumb75031051: Disco de Vinil by LittleBuzz
Gloria by BRAMBLAM Yellowcard by Tigui Puppy by Arlea :thumb80363391:

Language of Yellow: The use of yellow in familiar phrases can help a designer see how their color of choice might be perceived by others, both the positive and negative aspects.

Good yellow

    * Yellow ribbon - hope, support, remembrance
    * Mellow yellow - laid back, relaxation

Bad yellow

    * Yellow or Yellow streak or Yellow-bellied - cowardice or coward
    * Yellow journalism - irresponsible reporting

esperanxa by mirculinu Verde e amarelo by rmnzbr caminho Amarelo by differentwhocares :thumb84040964:
:thumb85924130: tudo amarelo by kotonete :thumb88489661: Plates in the Window by angelofligth
estendida i. by quiettude I belive in peace by pocha00xD :thumb89939026: Amarelo by Cores-de-pijama
:thumb90643679: :thumb90873293: Buy Me Drink Me by Douko Fish.... by Zweihander400

Yellow Words: These words are synonymous with yellow or represent various shades of the color yellow.

Lemon, yellow ocher, golden, saffron, cream, topaz, mellow yellow.

:thumb79309584: Trumpet Plant by marajade111187 Atun Ra. by hybridgothica Loznica likes it yellow.. by zl0
zuto by AyaIwa :thumb65152538: Zolta rewoulcja by Perfidna Zolta kredka by pyla
:thumb81423251: Zolta kredka by pyla odwrotnie by pyla :thumb81421225:
:thumb82140025: :thumb83377036: :thumb89948391: Dark Riku by lilianarose
yellow dress . by zaspana Clockwork Orange by LiL-CaRzY-BiZzO :thumb75916690: Fruits of Labor by OnoMakana
yellow by reniiholic :thumb72082276: Color Series: Yellow by webgoddess Sunset watchers by billysphoto
Yellow by phonehome :thumb24804781: Serock by night by emilianna12 Ticket ballon by lizakot
Young Love by SassyPants61762 Queen Wants Sun by Saimosa :thumb82158294: Yellow is right by EllieZ
Material 'LOVE' by hellenFq - 14 - by ma-ri-a :thumb70242939: happy pipe sad pipe by poseidonsimons-s
:thumb68814060: child7 by amenitamuscaria :thumb65107648: Choo Choo Tractor by boybenjy
:thumb83669983: :thumb84595289: 38 Eggs by fourtwoseven Egg yolks by psychoquak
:thumb89902516: jv amarillo by LoudMicro Ruido by Corcel-negro cielo amarillo by ileanette
:thumb71998589: amarillo. by Melun Where to? by cheduardo2k :thumb72530252:  
amarillo by lagaby mustang VI by xioncat :thumb72898014: Nostalgia by SouthernPrincess
:thumb73210340: Dia doscientos cuarentaycuatro by origin-ing Wondering....a point by lilnight luz de emergencia 1 by na-cho
Ciudad oscura by Corcel-negro Shine by Suprememark Amarillo by tapeton Pum... by IlOveMuffin
:thumb75095978: Amarillo by spiffyramen :thumb75230703: Yellow rice by pichonsupremo
grifo 21 by Gatuna :thumb75543941: :thumb75668600: Mustard by Gismonda999
Puerta amarilla by Gismonda999 Ventana Rota by pineyro :thumb76323657: Sun Glasses by ocorgan
The Legs by OonaDeSade Yellow by celiaaa Vertebrate by 8nana8 garbus. by skromny
el neumatico. by skromny My City by MonkaBar FSM by majoladybug .amarillo. by imnotyourgod
yEllow corner by Lizkiz Fly by Bluebyza Concurso Hufflepuff by PansyBlack :thumb78316806:
Lamborghini Diablo GTR by Magolobo Amarillo Cupra. by futurefetish olor amarillo by abs22 Teapot by Askany
Abstract Street by Tigui The tree of the night by filbuster pander. by LDGSherar :thumb79656621:
COLORS 2 by Samuki fusion by bluetik Un intento fallido... by pineyro Bows by trinsky
bear and key by martasw33t :thumb80092257: :thumb80093426: amarillo loro by gyna218
Fundacion Serralves. V by dondenomola amarillo_489 by kamo1000 Curruca by aleito Curruca by aleito
pluscuanperfecta. by Lunati-que Rayas... by cloffy :thumb80708105: :thumb80743578:
:thumb80824635: :thumb80941923: :thumb81055155: :thumb82784577:
:thumb81654109: :thumb82773019: :thumb83057596: :thumb83197026:
:thumb84046867: :thumb84078321: :thumb84280268: :thumb84551812:
:thumb84576350: :thumb84815481: :thumb84855155: :thumb85032778:
:thumb85065939: :thumb85142623: :thumb85264498: :thumb85267664:
:thumb85365227: :thumb85346709: :thumb85810006: :thumb85824735:
:thumb85919123: :thumb86007127: :thumb86279301: :thumb86715496:
:thumb86714608: :thumb88164049: :thumb87256129: :thumb88568868:
:thumb89431853: :thumb88259538: :thumb89735122: :thumb90415225:
:thumb90589095: :thumb90973123: :thumb91309147: :thumb28925333:
:thumb32268671: :thumb45159444: :thumb53533227: :thumb53665089:
:thumb54487492: :thumb59637309: :thumb66551494: :thumb71027622:
:thumb71008335: :thumb76177371: :thumb81844422: :thumb86773065:
:thumb84450149: :thumb84733388: :thumb87483057: :thumb87751618:
:thumb90318093: :thumb91070260: :thumb91526971: :thumb55719601:
:thumb89948940: :thumb85043185: :thumb87188525: :thumb89840831:
:thumb90981281: :thumb91164078: :thumb91181876: :thumb91309580:
:thumb77571543: :thumb82802934: :thumb84901285: :thumb87948065:
:thumb87982209: :thumb91437674: :thumb75660385: :thumb77293339:
:thumb77847477: :thumb78197586: :thumb78834575: :thumb80339571:
:thumb79887587: :thumb82851795: :thumb83490340: :thumb83687929:  
:thumb83943641: :thumb84349588: :thumb85454456: :thumb85548391:
:thumb85953110: :thumb85840915: :thumb86126830: :thumb86951615:
:thumb87240288: :thumb87469222: :thumb87557712: :thumb87745348:
:thumb87469922: :thumb88523146: :thumb88723540: :thumb88931568:   
:thumb89075736: :thumb89209634: :thumb89868062: :thumb90216172:
:thumb90724849: :thumb91345209: :thumb83768938: :thumb61931431:
:thumb91044403: :thumb62020219: :thumb62663184: :thumb63732836:
:thumb63975535: :thumb64517144: :thumb65162219: :thumb65519402:
:thumb65516118: :thumb65687319: :thumb66060799: :thumb66990347:
:thumb67480896: :thumb68110658: :thumb68111657: :thumb68628729:
:thumb68682707: :thumb69008870: :thumb69544498: :thumb69643442:
:thumb70384710: :thumb71493012: :thumb71642570: :thumb72789738:
:thumb73703998: :thumb74815762: :thumb74939728: :thumb75311039:
:thumb77448268: :thumb77718830: :thumb78017784: :thumb78494162:
:thumb78333867: :thumb79365878: :thumb80316512: :thumb80432252:
:thumb80722899: :thumb81065171: :thumb81184792: :thumb82539451:
:thumb83384560: :thumb83487259: :thumb84555799: :thumb85336806:
:thumb85496479: :thumb85669867: :thumb85905286: :thumb86109005:
:thumb87658701: :thumb88157077: :thumb88184426: :thumb89051592:
:thumb89353408: :thumb89634428: :thumb90034186: :thumb90476590:
:thumb90624932: :thumb90625506: :thumb90646508: :thumb91017472:
:thumb91235474: :thumb85014266: :thumb85071848: :thumb85357653:
:thumb85914080: :thumb86116743: :thumb86565926: :thumb86596840:
:thumb86385954: :thumb86471221: :thumb87089716: :thumb87533175:
:thumb87596275: :thumb87871306: :thumb88130976: :thumb88259950:
:thumb88267637: :thumb88404484: :thumb88404866: :thumb88628452:
:thumb88697526: :thumb88832505: :thumb88850276: :thumb89063117:
:thumb89153609: :thumb89396496: :thumb89666790: :thumb89624337:
:thumb89823156: :thumb89826452: :thumb90397386: :thumb90747034:
:thumb90820028: :thumb91069619: :thumb91069475: :thumb79023960:
:thumb67791936: :thumb91462851: :thumb85238164: :thumb86819689:
:thumb89322604: :thumb91404010: :thumb91405368: :thumb91410128:
:thumb91410628: :thumb91417301: :thumb91421717: :thumb91423866:
:thumb91427061: :thumb91427701: :thumb91427256: :thumb91428455:
:thumb91430551: :thumb91432652: :thumb91434401: :thumb91436167:
:thumb91436603: :thumb91437052: :thumb91437571: :thumb91437766:
:thumb91438007: :thumb91438857: :thumb91439136: :thumb91440238:
:thumb91441266: :thumb91442861: :thumb91445919: :thumb91451942:
:thumb91443457: :thumb91443981: :thumb91445816: :thumb91448801:
:thumb91450427: :thumb91452110: :thumb91452974: :thumb91454214:
:thumb91458838: :thumb51208010: :thumb73300395: :thumb87287716:
:thumb67493064: :thumb34619824: :thumb54045489: :thumb88487332:
:thumb88475726: :thumb73628771: :thumb91436581: :thumb66728077:
:thumb52054134: :thumb33840363: :thumb32498023: :thumb24090445:
:thumb63127123: :thumb69506754: :thumb63782648: :thumb60751874:
:thumb76646029: :thumb74359936: :thumb81770419: :thumb42256855:
:thumb79982599: :thumb91270329: :thumb34286337: :thumb71014006:
:thumb74366852: :thumb80256134: :thumb82365020: :thumb82367197:
:thumb64309169: :thumb64426509: :thumb53716589: :thumb91057027:
:thumb66210654: :thumb64426362: :thumb91052005: :thumb91051350:
:thumb90963614: :thumb52163154: :thumb78903884: :thumb84324703:
:thumb86888727: :thumb29544341: :thumb74799346: :thumb44163960:
:thumb42986382: :thumb43745953: :thumb63628293: :thumb68676082:
:thumb80764072: :thumb84238515: :thumb86029064: :thumb51075714:
:thumb84517542: :thumb10437551: :thumb32414115: :thumb90167604:
:thumb85380047: :thumb90928381: :thumb42597645: :thumb73697518:
:thumb73965671: :thumb78603359: :thumb82838393: :thumb78394780:
:thumb84604068: :thumb44023573: :thumb54258471: :thumb61889142:
:thumb80813621: :thumb53213929: :thumb84348872: :thumb70529545:
:thumb74256248: :thumb32408085: :thumb68338499: :thumb79187960:
:thumb88852607: :thumb78691934: :thumb85410177: :thumb85445931:
:thumb72635798: :thumb28907471: :thumb62644228: :thumb53130903:
:thumb50265418: :thumb44234105: :thumb81947885: :thumb82029171:
:thumb81957365: :thumb45426822: :thumb82150925: :thumb72342486:
:thumb74427748: :thumb84498458: :thumb78870603: :thumb88325657:
:thumb35279855: :thumb48195656: :thumb36500829: :thumb84705189:
:thumb48615241: :thumb68022415: :thumb5398385: :thumb68343346:
:thumb77761307: :thumb57361617: :thumb59362263: :thumb46855744:
:thumb75148777: :thumb10395767: :thumb68751434: :thumb25227461:
:thumb39899690: :thumb43581646: :thumb58391632: :thumb44705373:
:thumb36512051: :thumb46694034: :thumb44945739: :thumb24251219:
:thumb49816249: :thumb53436022: :thumb85933269: :thumb36401844:
:thumb36401611: :thumb32287153: :thumb30069963: :thumb36639317:
:thumb24054972: :thumb42876604: :thumb74173799: :thumb87286061:
:thumb50913959: :thumb11581358: :thumb53613488: :thumb53910310:
:thumb74229197: :thumb62637045: :thumb33469165: :thumb32862024:

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Oww I take a look to this website amasing. And i am honored that my news is allso there. I think This deviants get honored because they have amasing works so like you. Thank you so much. and i think you MUST do !! :kiss:
celiaaa Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008
i loved all of the photos,

and thanks for the featured (:
AngeL-FaLL Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2008
:iconthankyouplz1: :icontarddanceplz:you are wellcome :iconhuggleplz:
DemonioHorrible Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008
Oh, wow, so many thanks for this great job!! And a million thanks for featuring my deviation, it's the first time ever I'm featured in something of this kind... :heart:
AngeL-FaLL Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008
:iconthankyouplz1: :icontarddanceplz:you are wellcome :iconhuggleplz:
ninazdesign Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008  Professional Photographer
Thank you hon for the feature :bow::rose::thanks:
AngeL-FaLL Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008
:iconthankyouplz1: :icontarddanceplz:you are wellcome ::iconhuggleplz:
AngeL-FaLL Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008
:iconthankyouplz1: :icontarddanceplz:you are wellcome ::iconhuggleplz:
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